Expanding a brand with rustic beer

A burger is best enjoyed with a beer, that's why Tio Joe decided that the first expansion of its brand was a range of rustic beers.

Each beer of the range will be inspired in the memories of fields visited by Tio Joe. For Blondy's case, a field where the sunset and the earth join together to grow out the purest and blondest wheat ever seen.

Blondy wants to satisfy the palate and the eyes through a refreshing beer and a unique bottle that reflects the value of the rustic life but with a modern twist. The paper selection, a label shape inspired in disk harrows, the symmetrical design and the vintage shape of the bottle, lauds the history of the field and invite not only to taste the beer but live an experience. 


2015, Barcelona, Spain.

Analytical Research, Strategic Insight, Naming, Storytelling, Identity System, Packaging.