High-end leather goods made responsibly

Cale&Cael is a fashion brand from Los Angeles, California, that handcrafts timeless leather products for the modern-day needs of women and men with full customization capabilities, using ethical manufacturing processes to improve the lives of the communities where it operates. 

This californian venture commissioned Diferente the challenge of shape its business idea, developing the brand name, strategy and identity system.

The new brand platform developed for the business stands to bring total control to their customers, defining the way their product is made and how it is made encouraging conscious and responsible consumption.

The name Cale&Cael symbolizes the relationship of victory and creativity as an equality. Cale is the greek goddess of charm, nature and human creativity meanwhile Cael is a victorious warrior of celtic mithology. The similarity in these two terms shows a wordplay that alludes to transformation, empowerment and balance.

The unique ampersand designed for the wordmark becomes the key asset of the minimalist brand identity, showing an iconic symbol that represents the union of the name initials and a conscious product cycle. This element interacts in all the brand communication as a conector of the different garment elements that can be customized or of the essential brand benefits.


2019, Los Angeles, United States.

Analytical Research, Strategic Insight, Naming, Symbol, Wordmark, Tone of voice, Identity System, Stationery, Communication System.