Starting Strength

Aligning the most efficient way to get stronger

Starting Strength is an American brand created by Mark Rippetoe that was born as a book and a training method that explains how to develop strength in an efficient and effective way through basic barbell lifts.

The success of this training method made Starting Strength become a company, a huge brand that now has great recognition and expands its business not only through the book, but also through gym affiliations, coaches, seminars, training camps, podcast among others.

Over the years, Starting Strength grew exploding its book image over all the brand extensions, but can that same image adequately represent a company of such great magnitude thinking ahead?

With this issue in mind, Starting Strength approached Diferente with the challenge of evolve its brand identity to open their gyms franchises throughout the United States in the next five years.

After doing a detailed research to reveal the real status of the brand, Diferente created a new identity system taking inspiration from the old-school color palette, engineering graphics, illustrations and statistical graphs used all over the book to visualize the essence of Starting Strength.

The wordmark becomes the key asset of the brand evolving its wise-ancient appearence with a strong, balanced and attractive typography. This refreshed asset takes the starring role to expands Starting Strength brand equity working as guarantor to align the company qualities and essence to each brand extension in any market.

The final result is a brand new system that ensures a consistent and recognizable narrative for Starting Strength at every touchpoint with its audience, no matters if it's used to create digital or printed content.

*Indoor and Outdoor Photography by Nick Delgadillo


2019, Wichita Falls, United States.

Analytical Research, Wordmark, Identity System, Brand Architecture, Tone of Voice, Stationary, Communication System, Spatial Graphics, Signage.