From fast-food to rustic-food

Tio Joe was born with the idea of offering homemade burgers made with local ingredients, but the brand image positioned the business as a fast-food burger shop, decreasing the potential of their product.

An analysis and strategic rethinking helped to reveal the differential value of the business: a local burger shop projected on feed their customers with rustic products made by families from the region.

In order to take advantage of this approach, the new brand image was developed integrating the rustic value with the passion for the American recipe. Idea that focuses under the tagline "Rustic Burger House" and is visualized through the symbol — showing Tio Joe's shape as a farmer and as a burger — as well as the identity system, using stencil graphics, popular sayings and applications on different rustic materials, that provide versatility and personality to the brand.


2015, Barcelona, Spain.

Analytical research, Strategic Insight, Tagline, Tone of voice, Storytelling, Symbol, Wordmark, Identity System, Stationery, Communication System, Spatial Graphics, Signage, Brand Guidelines.