Fitness for Thinkers

Branding a book for idea makers

Fitness for Thinkers is a logical guide and community created by Ray Gillenwater —a tech entrepreneur and efficiency nerd based in California— that wants to help the creative people that work in tech start-ups to figure out the best way to keep their bodies fit and healthy focusing only on three things: exercising, eating and sleeping well.

The brand's main goal is to connect with those thinkers —engineers, designers and entrepreneurs— in a clear and simple way, getting away from the stereotypes commonly used in fitness books —great bodies and hyperbolic design— to get the attention of the readers.

All the brand identity graphics and the communication system was built under the brand idea: "Performance for idea makers". Concept represented through a symbol —that shows a gauge pointing at optimization continuously inside a bulb,— the three key badges, nerd-style typefaces and a electric blue that give to the brand a wise, modern and tech character.


2017, California, USA.

Symbol, Wordmark, Identity System, Stationary, Communication System, Brand Guidelines, Book Cover, Website, Merchandising.