Building a playful Mexican food delivery brand

TakoTako, Fresh Mexican Grill, is a new virtual restaurant in Barcelona that specializes in delivering high-quality, artisanal Mexican cuisine made to order with fresh ingredients. When approached by the owners, the goal was to create a brand identity that would effectively communicate their dedication to quality homemade food while capturing the spirit of Mexican culture and language.

The solution was to create a minimalist and playful brand language that featured different icons and messages with a cheerful, friendly personality inspired by popular Mexican street graphics and culture, incorporating vibrant colors and bold, eye-catching, and memorable typography style.

Additionally, to bring the experience of eating at TakoTako to life, a creative direction for the brand's photography was developed showcasing a popular Mexican table set in a modern way, with different dishes and ingredients arranged in daylight.


2020, Barcelona, Spain.

Analytical Research, Symbol, Wordmark, Tone of voice, Identity System, Communication System, Art Direction, Packaging, Website.