The Strength Co.

Shaping a new way of training

The Strength Co. is an exclusive gym in Southern California focused on training people under the “Starting Strength” program — A successful method to get physical and mental strength only through barbell workouts.

Attending The Strength Co. is prestigious. Certified members will be part of an intimate group of like-minded people pursuing strength performance. All trainees have one-on-one attention, tracking and evaluation from Starting Strength coaches, looking to get better results to improve their shape and their health.

The whole brand image was created in order to potentiate with solidness and simplicity the differential attribute of the business idea: Strength. Since the creation of the name — alluding to an elite group — until the development of a versatile communication system that encourages to start training with bold messages in a black iron color, alluding to the weight plates of the only tool used in the gym: The Barbell.


2017, California, USA.

Naming, Tone of Voice, Symbol, Wordmark, Identity System, Stationary, Communication System.