In the last years, after finishing the Master in Branding, I passed to be a graphic designer to be a brand designer, seeking communicate the knowledge I had acquired to apply for a job in an agency or study, as well as some client get in touch to work with me.

Up to that point, all well. But when I tied myself down in this profile I ended up working most of the time on design projects. This disorienting me because I not only could design a brand, I could help the client to research, analyze and give a strategic solution to their business idea.

Having this in mind I began to evaluate my personal brand. It was not easy to work for myself, but after spinning around into this, I managed to define myself as a someone who helps people to differentiate their business idea from others, by using analysis, strategy and design, to shape a thriving brand.

After find this differential value, I have concluded that the role that most reflects me is Brand Consultant. Finally I reveal through this website my new personal identity and working method.

Now I'm Diferente.